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2020 Spring Wardrobe Capsule

Today is the first day of spring! To take our minds off of what's going on in the world for a quick minute, I put together a mini spring lookbook that will have you ready for the world once we’re able to go back to our regular routines!

Some items you may already have in your closet, others you may have to make a quick purchase. If so, below is my personal store list of where I’ve made recent purchases.

Go-to stores & brands:

Target- Brands Who What Wear, A New Day


Old Navy - My go to store for white jeans and cute flats!

Fashion Nova- Great for purchasing jeans I got a good deal for a slip dress here!

L’Authentique- Be sure to check them out on Instagram! I just purchased the cutest dresses from here! (@shoplauthentique)

Make sure you check to see if there are any coupons,discount codes, and free shipping available before you purchase! There's no need to spend extra coins if you don't have to!

You are able to make combinations beyond what's shown above but I hope this gives you all a good start! Share with me your looks on Instagram by using the hashtag #tribeFYI!

Need more details on how to establish a basic, functional wardrobe? Be sure to check out my Back To The Basics Style Guide availabe now at!


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