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A Few of My Favorite Things

Although we’re in November, we’re still rolling with the self care theme! Personal care is self care! Without becoming a product junkie, I've come across a few products that I truly like. Down below you'll see my personal care products that I use daily and recommend!

  • Rose Galore- I came across Moon X Cosmetics on Facebook where there was a picture circulating that the black female owner had sold over 1 million dollars worth of products in less than 8 minutes. I immediately had to run over and figure out what she was selling! Her most popular product was the rose galore that clears up dark spots and existing acne. I wish I would have taken some before pictures but I can tell the difference. Getting her products is like going to a war, items get taken out of your cart before you can complete the purchase! I’m trying to make the rose galore stretch since I’m not sure when I’ll get another bottle! Order at your own risk lol.

  • ScentBird - If you haven’t heard of ScentBird they are a monthly fragrance/ beauty subscription. I’m always on the hunt for a new scent. I started my subscription back in June and I’ve been pleased so far. There have been about two months where I didn’t really care too much for the fragrance that I chose, so I do advise you all to check the reviews if you're not sure!

  • Salt XO - It’s not always smart to try out everyone’s yoni products. It is smart to check out reviews, be aware, and know if you’re sensitive to certain products and ingredients. What I like best about Salt XO yoni gel is the coolness and cleanliness you feel after you get out the shower. I also like that it has the ingredients on the front of the bottle and that they're a black owned company as well.

  • Urban Skin RX- I’ve been using Urban Skin RX products for two years now. What I like about this brand is that they have a product for each one of my needs. My skin changes like the weather so if I have a problem with oily skin, there's the combination bar for that, if I’m trying to lighten some acne spots, there's the even tone bar, and if I want a natural glow I make sure I put on the Radiant & Bright Glow moisturizer. Even when I've changed my routine, there’s always a product from their line in the mix!

  • Mary Kay CC cream- This is my go-to when I don’t feel like wearing foundation but still want some type of coverage. Right now my skin is acting weird due to having to wear a mask. Regular foundation just makes me look dry and makes the breakout look worse, whereas wearing this tinted moisturizer makes my skin look hydrated.

  • My Panty Cakes- Who doesn’t want to smell like cake down there! My Panty Cakes is 100% natural, pH balanced, and chemical free. It also helps with chaffing and improves your intimate skin with daily use. To be honest I place it on multiple areas like under my breast, behind my ear, my forearm, there's no limit to wear you can use it! If you have a mate or a spouse, be sure to check out their men's version Bakers Man!

  • Facial Brush- I know for sure that all of my makeup was not coming off just by me using my hands. We’ve had this unopened face brush just laying in the house for about a year and I finally decided to open. Best decision ever because I have had less makeup residue on my towels and my skin feels more clean after use. You can find this item at the following retailers, Ross, Wal-Mart, Target, and

Let me know if you’re using the same items or suggest any new products in the comments below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn.

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