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AIN: Accessories In The Nude Cocktails & Competition

AIN: Accessories In the Nude Cocktails & Cocktails

I spent this past weekend rubbing elbows with some of Dallas finest accessory designers during the AIN event. AIN presents Cocktails and Competition: the Accessory contest allows accessory designers to showcase their jewelry if front of fashion forward judges.

Being a huge fan of accessories myself, specifically hats and sunglasses, attending this event allows me as a stylist to find more inspiration, to follow and connect with designers for projects, and to of course show support.

It is noted that AIN is the longest running minority founded and led fashion showcase in Dallas with 15 years and over 160 contestants and designers highlighted and supported.

This year judges consist of Dora Chu, Lissa Petty, Julie McCollough, and Austin Vincent. I commend them on having to make the hard decision of choosing the winner of the competition. All the designers had uniqueness and captivating designs. I also love how no designer was the same and that you couldn’t put them in the same category, which made it more entertaining for the audience.

Host London gave us the rundown of contestant Katherine Wilson, letting us know that she is a living legend and has been knitting for over 50 years! You can check out her beautiful designs below!

The room was filled with oooo’s and aahh's when her knitted creations went down the runway. I’m sure everyone could picture themselves with those gorgeous scarves for winters to come. Congratulations to her for winning Audience Favorite!

Now, congratulations are in order for the winner of the competition Naiima Lovechild! I believe what set her apart was the creativity and how her story went beyond just accessories.

Speaking with Naiima after the competition, she has such a pure and humble heart and you can see that overflows into her work. I asked her how she felt about the win and she stated, “I just need to sit down, take a breath, and take it all in because leading up to the competition I really doubted myself and didn’t know that I could do it.” She actually drove in from Memphis and just the exhaustion of putting everything together, and all the other things she has going on right now, she was just unsure.

What's so funny is that she thought that the audience favorite was the real vote, so when her name called for the actual win she was taken back!

We ended the interview with the question, what advice would she give to someone who’s wanting to follow in her footsteps? She gave a huge smile and said “Perseverance; like I said on the bag, don’t give up!”

Above, is a picture of myself with the founder of AIN, Meko Trout. I commend her for not only starting the organization (which is now a 501c3), but keeping it occurring and having a creative space for these types of designers who may not always get the flowers they deserve.

Great job to Meko, The Board of Directors for AIN, vendors, and sponsors for bringing back an amazing event! I'm looking forward to next years!

AIN motto is “If you aren’t wearing the right accessories, then you might as well be in the Nude!

Photos by Cy Davison


Instagram: @ainshow


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