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Beauty Legend Mary Kay

When you think of legendary beauty brands Mary Kay should be top on the list! As a long standing beauty brand they have mastered the essence of quality products, educating customers, and customer service. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of Mary Kay’s story but her entrepreneurial journey also resonates with me very well as she journey’s her motherhood and her desire to create opportunities for others.

Special thank you to our friends at Mary Kay as they were more than welcome to send me over some all-time favorites from the TimeWise line plus my personal favorites!

Although we’re not getting any younger, Mary Kay TimeWise line has the essentials in their formulas that will allow you to age with grace! With a little one, working for full-time and managing my own businesses, the eye cream has saved me this 2020 year! Fine lines are becoming invincible and skin is becoming more luminous!

My top favorites Mary Kay products are the Oil-Free Makeup Remover to break through all that tough mascara, pigmented eyeshadow, and even lash glue. Next favorite is the Ultimate mascara, it gives just enough volume and length when I don’t have time to put on lashes.

Last but not least is the Mary Kay CC Cream, this tinted moisturizer gives me just enough coverage when I don’t feel like wearing heavy foundation. To be honest wearing the cc cream has been better these days due to having to wear a mask and since wearing foundation was drying out my skin. Let’s not forget that it hydrates the skin and protects with SPF 15!

The holiday’s are here and it is the perfect time to get the favorite lady in your life her Mary Kay favorites! Purchase all items through their website or contact your favorite MK Consultant!

What are your favorite Mary Kay products! Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

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