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Combinations & Transitions

I know many of you may think that as a blogger and stylist that I just have a massive amount of clothes. You couldn’t be more wrong!

I would say that I have mastered the element of creating combinations. You know how Diddy is the King of remixes, well I am the Queen of combinations. I have the ability to make items look like new by just recreating it with other different pieces!

When I purchase clothes my main concern is will I be able to wear it more than once? Many of my pieces I purchase are so I can wear them to work and on the weekend. For my 9 to 5 it is business casual, so I have blazers, blouses, heels and even some pants that I can interchange looks with on the weekends.

My favorite items that I love to wear on my 9 to 5 and on weekends are my pointed toe pumps from Target. They are the most comfortable and I love how they give me just enough lift in the heel where I’m not looking like a giant. (Note: I’m already 5’8 without heels) I definitely see more colors in my future!

Another one of my favorite pieces that I love to pair with different outfits is my Prince Purple Rain shirt from Hot Topic! I’ve paired it with dress pants, leggings, a leather jacket, a camouflage jacket, and the list goes on!

The Transition

I love clothes where you can take it and wear it multiple ways for multiple occasions!

I was on Pinterest and saw the cutest outfit with a high split plaid skirt. I knew that I wanted a skirt like it but I didn’t want to pay for it, let alone search for one like it! So I thought of what I already had in my closet, which was the plaid dress.

All I did to achieve this look is to just button up the dress on the side, starting at my hip then button it down. I took the top of the dress and folded the collar inward and tied the arm sleeves together.

What other pieces can you take and maximize them?! Try a body con skirt that you can turn into a tube top. A dress that you can also wear as a top. Take a look below how I turned a swimsuit into a bodysuit!

Don’t let social media gas you up to spend more money because you think that you can’t post a picture in something you've worn more than once! It’s all about how you style each piece!

Do you need help with getting just the basics of a wardrobe? Be sure to check out my Back To The Basics Style Guide!

I hope this helps someone to shop their own closet! Think about all the ways to revamp an outfit just by pairing it with something you wouldn't normally pair it with or adding accessories! Let me know what you think in the comments below or on the gram @fyijoycelynn!


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