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Easy Content Ideas for your Blog, YouTube, and Social Media

To follow up from my previous post of how to create blog content for the whole year, this post is to share what kind of content you can create for the whole year. I'm sure that this can help someone who is having some kind of creative block. These ideas can have you set up not only for your blog but for social media for the whole year as well!

The list below is for the individual who’s into lifestyle content.

All thing travels

Describe what kind of trip you’re going on. Is it an All girls trip, Couples trip, or Family trip?

  • Share airport outfit ideas.

  • What to pack in a carry-on bag?

  • The best places to eat in the town that you’re visiting.

  • Favorite travel snacks

  • How To Pack X amount of outfits in your luggage?

  • Share your favorite luggage brands.

All things decor

This content theme is great for people that are moving to a new spot or just want a change of scenery for their current space. /.;

  • New season, new decor

  • Favorite candles

  • Share how to make your own wall art like prints and canvas

  • Share your favorite decor stores. This is a great topic to do a vlog where you record yourself shopping in your go-to home store.

Your Birthday Month

Many of us celebrate for more than just the day that we were born on. It’s a celebration for the whole month!

  • Share all the go to celebration spots in your city or state.

  • Have your audience pick out your birthday outfit.

  • Give insight on how you feel about turning a year older by sharing journal prompts.

  • Share your wishlist.

Spring Fashion

  • What are the essentials for your closet in the spring?

  • Have a whole week dedicated to finding the best denim, spring dresses, and shoes.

  • Spring fashion haul on new items you’ve purchased.

Spring Cleaning

  • Sharing all your favorite organizing items. (storage containers, cabinet organizers)

  • Favorite cleaning products

  • Closet cleanout hacks

  • Laundry room makeover

All things beauty

  • Sharing your go makeup favorites

  • How To makeup tricks

  • Your favorite hair products

  • Sharing your fragrance collection

All things Accessories

  • Share where you've purchased your favorite hats

  • Must have belts styles and brands

  • Jewelry trends or your favorite brands

  • Remember nails are an accessory as well! Share your press-ons and nail polish collection.

Behind The Scenes

  • show behind the scenes for an upcoming product, service, or event that you're working on.


Become a mini Oprah and host giveaways. This is a good way to organically gain new eyes and followers. Great months to host giveaways are for your birthday month and the holiday season (October-December).

All things Tech!

I’m sure that someone that’s following you want to know what all tools, gadgets, and apps that you use for your TikTok's and Reels.

  • Be sure to not only share your favorite gadgets but include on how to use them!

  • Share what apps and software that you use for editing

What’s On Your Bookshelf

  • Share several books from your favorite author.

  • Share certain books that have helped you in certain situations.

  • Share mini reviews of your favorite books.


Note: Some of my highest engagement posts are from sharing my favorite book titles!

In the kitchen

  • Share your favorite recipes from food to cocktails

  • share your favorite cookware

  • Meal prep meals

  • Small kitchen remodel

  • Kitchen organizing

All things Fitness

  • Workout plan- People love videos of quick workouts for quick results

  • Workout wardrobe- There’s just something about being cute while working out. I mean you never know who’s going to be looking. Make it work their while!

  • Share your favorite quick meal plan options.

Screenshot this and let’s get to work! If this helped you let me know in the comments and be sure to follow me on Instagram and TikTok @fyijoycelynn!


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