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Edge Naturale Pt 2

The way 2020 was set up, we all probably need to grow our edges back! LOL A few months ago I debuted the Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer here on the blog and now I’m here for another update!

Since then I have had enough time to figure out what I really like about the product, why would I recommend it, and advice on how to use it properly.

One of the mistakes that I was doing was not making sure that my edges were clear of residue before every use. I've learned the hard way by not making sure my edges are clean before applying products. To clean daily I take a small damp towel and do circular motions around my hairline.

If you’re wondering how long it would last, I have about one third left from my last tub (2 oz.) and I received it in August, and it's now the end of December. So it’s worth the money and it’s not a product that you need to purchase every few weeks.

I still enjoy the smell and the texture. Since I wear units my routine is applying Edge Naturale, then brush my baby hairs or fly aways back, then place on my wig cap. It just looks neater if it’s a windy day and my wig blows back. LOL.

As for growth I can see the improvement every time I wash my hair. Also, when I'm braiding my hair, the hair from my edges are finally being able to be included in the braid!

I would recommend this product to any one who lost edges due to postpartum, and any one who has lost hair from protective styles from too tight braids and twists.

To catch up and read the first post of my start of the Edge Naturale Follicale Enhancer hit the link below!

You can check out Edge Naturale website and other testimonials on their Instagram at @edgenaturale.

Have you tried out Edge Naturale. Tell us about your experience in the comments below or let me know on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

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