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FYI Holiday Portal 2020

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

This year I wanted to use my platform to share some new and well known brands! It's so easy for brands to get lost in sauce with EVERYONE promoting their brand this season! Please feel free to use this as a holiday gift guide, or take this time just to support some great brands!

First up is the luxurious streetwear brand Ekewede. Let me tell you that you may want to hope on board now because I see big things happening for this brand in the near future! Be sure to follow them and check out all their items on Instagram @Ekewede_byflaw

I love how cool and convenient this is for mom and baby! This Changer Clutch is great for quick outings and when you don't need much but a couple diapers, wipes, your debit card, phone, and I.D.! You can take a look at all the styles and colors on their Instagram @changerclutch!

Who doesn't love home décor?! Modish Décor Pillows are known for their luxury esthetic in pillows and candles! If you've never heard of them before then check out their Instagram and website!

Are you in search of a good skin care line without breaking the bank? Check out where they have a great selection of cleansers to serums, to oil free moisturizers! This is a great gift for that skin care diva in your family! I personally can't wait to try out their Hydrogel Eye Patches!

I'm looking forward to adding to this list this season! So if you'll like to share your brand please send an inquiry email to! Happy Shopping!

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