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Gift Guide For Him

I don’t know about y’all but for Valentines Day, I am The Gift! Lol! I do know that there are many women (or men) that may need a little help in finding their mate something not just for Valentine's Day, but really for any "gift giving" occasion. Below is a list of Amazon goods that I have purchased for my husband and that he actually used! I also can make another list of things that I've bought as gifts for him and he not use them, but that's another post for another day!

Let's get to the products!

  • Charger Station- I purchased this for my husband for Christmas and to be honest it's been beneficial for the whole family! The whole household is charging their phones and air pods on this!

  • Jewelry Box. Not all jewelry boxes are feminine. I found this great black jewelry box on Amazon, great for my husband’s necklaces, and growing watch collection. My husband is a little hood, so things have been wrapped in plastic bags, random small boxes, and left in pockets. As a wife I feel like it’s my duty to set some organization in his life!

  • Water Floss- If your man cares much about his hygiene but you’ve noticed that he doesn’t have this gem, then go head to your local Target or Amazon account to get it!

  • Man facial. Believe it or not, men love being pampered just as much as we do! Either you can do it yourself or call up your favorite esthetician. You’re going to adore that clean, fresh beard after he leaves that appointment girl!

Click the picture below to shop the following list!

  • Robe. I got my husband and I matching robes for Christmas one year and he mentioned not too long ago that it was one of the best gifts he’s ever received from me! Make it top notch by getting his initials embroidered on it!

  • A Designer Card case. If your man is a businessman, then you can easily upgrade his persona when he whips out his card case during a networking event.

  • Cologne. You can never go wrong with a good bottle of cologne. My top men's cologne picks are Tom Ford Oud Wood, Gucci Guilty, and Givenchy Gentlemen.

  • Record Player. If your man is a music lover, especially of some old school favorites, gift him with a record player. Don't forget to grab some records to start his collection!

Many of these items are great if you've just started dating someone and you're not ready to do the most yet! They're also good additions if you're wanting to add to what you already have!

Come back and let me know if these gifts were a hit for you! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my Amazon store front for more gift giving ideas!

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