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How To Buy A Wedding Dress Online

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

There was a convenience of purchasing my wedding dress online. I barely have time to eat, let alone go try on multiple dresses. I was set on a particular style that I wanted which made my search easier, but it was the price range and making sure that they had my size that I was having a difficult time with.

At first, I was just searching for a white formal dress or even a cocktail dress since we were just going to the courthouse and a small reception. Once I came across the Delphine dress from the house of CB, my search was over! What got me though was the price. I was thinking that since we weren’t having a large ceremony that I didn’t want to spend anything over $500, let alone anything close to $1000!

Before I purchased the House of CB gown, I tried my best in purchasing a gown that was “similar” through, but that didn’t go so well. The fabric wasn’t thick enough, the split was obviously way too high, and I didn’t like that it was in the middle instead of the side. Last, it was a weird peach color when I was aiming for more of an ivory color.

Below are a few tips that can make your online wedding dress shopping a breeze.

Reviews will save your life. I did not pay attention to the first dress reviews, matter of fact I read them and still ordered the dress even though it had a rating of barely 3 stars.

Look for models that have the same body frame as you. Also, look at that brands measurement chart. Better yet, know your measurements! What sold me on the House of CB gown is that they had a model that was similar to my size. If you can, find as many pictures of people in the dress you want to get. I searched hashtags on Instagram, Pinterest, and Google, to make sure sites and pictures were legit.

Before you authorize that payment be sure to see how long it will take to be shipped. Shipping is taking much longer due COVID-19. This dress was shipped from the UK and made it just in time. It took about a week to come in and was here two weeks before our big day.

Check out the online shop return policies. I was confident in making the first purchase with ASOS because I knew that I could return the gown if it didn’t work out.

Be sure to have someone on deck that can fix minor tailoring issues for you. I can’t tell how important the fit of your dress is. Keep in mind that although the dress is in your size, it wasn’t made specifically for you, so you may need some alterations

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Delphine gown from the House of CB. I love the quality and it photographs very well! I would definitely recommend purchasing this dress or any special occasion dresses from this brand.



Heels- Christian Louboutin (

Bouquet- LouAnn’s (Tyler)

Suit- Perry Ellis

Button Down- Murano

Shoes- Steve Madden

Makeup- Keri Gainer (@makeupmskeri)

Photographer- DeGrate Photography (@DeGratePhotography)

Did you purchase your wedding dress online? Or, would you ever purchase your wedding dress from an online boutique? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn.

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1 Comment

Oct 14, 2021

Hi! Congrats! I’ve been trying to get my hands on this sold out gown for 2 months. Do you still have your dress and if so, would you consider selling it?

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