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How To Create Blog Content For The Year

At this point I hope to add to what you already know about content creation. There’s sooo many tips and advice out there to help you out with planning but my tactic is to help simplify things out for you, especially if you don’t know where to start.

One of the easiest ways to create content for the year is to set monthly themes. It is a guaranteed smooth way to plan out the year. Below are suitable reasons to get started. It’s still January!

- This strategy will make it easier for you to batch content. Knowing what you’re going to talk about for a full month will allow you to schedule and plan photo shoots, write blog posts, find the appropriate hashtags, and create better captions for social media.

- It will also give you more time to figure out how you’re going to market your brand, blog posts, or videos. This year I’m looking forward to having more eyes visible on my blog so I’m trying to find more ways to market my blog.

-You will have clarity on who you should pitch your brand to for sponsorships. This will allow you to be more intentional and come with eye opening concepts for those brands.

-You will have time for other tasks. On top of blogging I still have two other businesses that I have to get up and running. I want to get to the point where most of my blog business can be automated. In order to do that I have to plan in advance. I’m excited how this is going to work!

-Planning content yearly will allow you to budget appropriately. You’ll have a better sight of where your money is going and set goals on how much you’ll like or need to make that month.


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The goal is to work smarter, not harder! I want to be able to focus on creating content this year so that I can just repurpose and tweak for years to come.

Be sure to come back next Wednesday as I give you actual examples of content themes for you to use!

If this is something that you already do or plan on doing in the future, let me know in the comments below, or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!



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