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How To Mix Prints and Patterns

One thing about styling is being comfortable going outside the box and that will include mixing prints. I'm not going to lie, at first when it came to mixing prints I thought it was tacky. Until I took styling serious, doing research, and taping into to my creativity, mixing prints is really an art. Especially if it looks good!

But first, one might ask, what are prints? Examples are: Plaid, stripes, polka dots, animal print, florals, camouflage, just to name a few. Another question would be, why would one want to mix and match prints? This will allow you to maximize the combinations in your closet, which may save you money in the long run.

If you're needing ways to ease into mixing prints then be sure to check out the list below!

The first easy way to mix prints is If you have about 4 pieces to your outfit, make sure that at least two items are in the same color scheme.

Make sure that you keep the prints similar in size/scale for balance.

It’s also ok to mix textures! Go ahead and mix your suede, leather, knit, silk, and fur textures for a memorable outfit! This will be a great idea to accomplish for holiday photos!

Ok, so this is a cheat code… Leopard is the new nude! Leopard will go with every color, and every print and pattern. Add any leopard item to your outfit and it’ll instantly pop every time!

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I hope these tips excite you to get out of your comfort zone for 2023! If you’re going to try out these tips or if you’ve already tried them, let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!


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