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How To Style A Family Photoshoot

I think I may have manifested how this shoot was going to turn out because it happened the exact way I imagined it! It was a rough start as my toddler was unable to cooperate! I mean, I get it! It’s a new scenery, he doesn't know the people, so he’s crying when they speak, or look at him! Man, these pandemic babies are something else!

So, Quady will be two in January and I realized that we don’t have any family pictures! We were unable to take any during our reception because he was asleep at that time. What better time to catch up and take pictures than during the fall/holiday season!



So other than telling you all about my family photo experience, I also want to share a few style tips for your next photo session!

You can never go wrong with stripes! As you can see it was quite easy to accomplish this look, but listed below are other patterns that are great for holiday photos!


-Stripes -Polka dots -Florals

-Plaid -Leopard -Houndstooth

Color Combinations

One of the first things you think about when you're planning family pictures is what colors are you all going to wear. If you want some “out the box“ color schemes, take a look at the list below!

-Black & White -Green & Tan -Tan & Red

-Burgundy& Navy blue -Orange & Brown -Yellow, tan, and black-

-Navy Blue & Green -Teal & Brown


Outfit Details

Me- Turleneck- Walmart

Trench Vest- Target

Black shorts (not seen)- Target

Knee boots- Target

Husbae- Full outfit from H&M

The Kid- Shirt- Target

Pants- Walmart

Shoes- Amazon

What I learned during this shoot:

Have snacks! Thank God the photographer came through with the sucker! I can’t imagine what Quad would have been like without it! As you can see, he had it in his hand the entire time!


Bring Tissue!

So in these featured pics, you may see some dried up tears and a runny nose. I had a good mom moment by bringing tissues for this purpose but didn't actually clean Quad’s nose or dry his face… The tantrums were real!

The tissue was also for my makeup because I’m sweating due to Texas weather deciding not to switch over to fall weather yet! So yes, imagine taking fall pictures, in fall clothes, with summer temperatures!

Also, make sure everyone has had a nap, including you! Quad had a nap and still wasn’t having it. I don’t even want to imagine what he would have been like not taking one 😳


Well, I hope this post inspired some new looks for your holiday family photos! Let me know in the comments or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn what your first family photo session was like or any other outfit ideas!

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