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Ivy Park x Adidas Review

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Beyonce’ did it again with the Ivy Park X Adidas the drip 2! Oh, and let’s not forget the drip 2.2 that dropped a couple days ago. I decided to partake in this collection because I liked the different colors versus the just two color options she had in the previous collection, and I love the Adidas brand in general!

Part of me is still surprised that I was able to place an order, let alone two different orders! I was aiming for the snap track pants but accidentally purchased the jacket. The sports bra was a random purchase, but I was glad that more than one item was available.

So the pieces that I purchased were gender neutral which may be the cause of why they run so big. I purchased an XL in the jacket which it’s huge, but the Adidas brand runs larger to me anyways. The cool thing about this jacket though is that you can unsnap the sleeves, the front and the back! It’s so versatile and we all know that I love pieces you can wear multiple ways! That’s how you get more bang for your buck!

Adidas will be getting an email from me because I have yet to receive my snap track pants! I went down to Walmart and got these grey sweatpants for only $9! Thinking about going back to get the matching top, at this point you can have enough sweat suits!

Fun story about these white boots! My friend Kassha Brown was doing some media correspondent work during BET Awards weekend last year at an event that Megan Thee Stallion was supposed to perform at. Long story short, Megan didn’t show up and the person who was supposed to style her had given away a few items that she was going to wear. My friend ended up bringing some of the stylist items back to the Airbnb and was kind enough to let me have them for styling purposes.

Now I’m not going to lie, I thought that they were hella ugly and my friends and family know how I feel about white shoes. (Mr. Brown vibes) LOL. They have been trending for the past year and I decided to try them out back in May and I have been pleased since.

This collaboration has some great choices for the fall and winter, and of course athleisure wear has been a hit this whole year due to us being quarantined. Note that these items are really good quality, so I look forward to having them for quite some time!

Did you make any Ivy Park X Adidas Drip 2 purchases? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!


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