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More Than A Vision Board

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I hope everyone is having a good start so far into the new year! I don’t know about you all but I’m always excited about getting a fresh start, but I am also beyond grateful that we were able to get through such a rough year. I hope that the new year encourages someone to keep pushing and that God still has a purpose for them.

This post I want to share some tips on how to prepare a better vision board to manifest what you really want. Sometime last year, it dawned on me that my latest vision board wasn’t presenting what I truly wanted to bring to life. Most of the clippings were just “pretty pictures”.

Like for example, I had pictures of Issa Rae and Michelle Obama. I didn’t have any true intentions of having them on the board. Now if I had the desire to style them or interview them, then it would be ok to have them posted. I always have pictures of Tracee Ellis Ross on my vision boards but that is because I wish for my personal style to mimic hers.

Make a plan to make the pictures come to life! On some sticky notes, write out some bullet points on how you can obtain whatever is on the clippings. For example you have a clipping of a nice home, list out the steps on how to get that nice home like fixing your credit score, saving up x amount for the down payment, having a great realtor, list the state or town where you’ll like to live. All of that factors in on how you can get into that dream home.

Another idea is framing it! I mean it is a masterpiece of your own, so why not have it framed?! The large poster frames are available at Walmart and Michael’s craft stores.

Where you place your vision board is also important. That’s another thing I messed up on was that my vision board was nowhere in sight! It was tucked behind one of my curtains in my bedroom lol. How was I supposed to manifest anything if it’s not constantly in my view?! I know a few years ago, when the world was open and I was always on the move, I took a picture of my vision board and had it as a screensaver on my phone.

Now this year I plan on having my posted up in my bedroom bathroom! It’s really the only place in the house where I have peace. Instead of being on the phone when I’m using the restroom I can visualize and train my subconscious to manifest what's on the board!

I believe in when you plan and prepare for good and new things to enter your life that it will come. I hope that this has helped some of you prepare a better vision board. I think that many people forget that you have to put yourself in the position to win and do the work. Let me know at the end of the year how these tips worked out for you!

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