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My 1st Trip to the Dermatologist

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

You guys, my melanin was starting to crack! I was breaking out from the masks, my skin was hella dry, and those fine lines were getting deeper. I also knew that part of it was hormones. It does take about a year for your body to go back to normal after having a baby.

I decided to see a dermatologist because I didn’t like the fact that I could still see the breakouts while wearing makeup, and wearing makeup of course made the problem worse. I’m a believer of fixing the problem instead of covering it up!

Plus, I have been longing to have clear skin before and since I’ve had the baby. I always wanted to be able to just get up and go! You know time is of the essence when you have children and I just wanted to create shortcuts to make it to places on time lol

To sum up my visit, I have acne (insert eye roll here). I also asked about my moles or “beauty marks” as he called them, and he stated its just a part of aging.(crickets)

“Now, I’m not afraid of aging but I would like to do it gracefully”, is what I told him.

He gave advice about using products that say it has natural ingredients, and to be aware that you could be sensitive to certain plants. He stated, “remember that poison ivy is a plant and what happens when it touches the skin? You break out.”

As I was sitting there, I thought about all the products that have Aloe Vera and how my skin will feel irritated after I applied those particular products on my face. Once I left the office I made it a mission to check the products that I was using on a daily basis to see what “natural ingredients” were listed. The common ones I found were Aloe vera and flower oil. Does anyone even know what flower oil is?!

At the end of the visit he did prescribe a retinol but the way my insurance is set up it did not cover it, and I refused to pay $175 for it. So the over the counter solution he recommended was Differin Gel. I apply it once every night, really just on the affected areas.

What I’ve learned having sensitive skin is to keep my skin routine simple. Below is the list that I use daily that is for sensitive skin, fragrance (free), gluten free, and paraben free.

Vanicream gentle cleanser (CVS, Walgreens)

Differin Gel (night only) (Wal-Mart)

Whoever said black people don’t need sunscreen lied! Skin cancer sees no skin color, so I highly suggest adding sunscreen to your skincare routine. To be honest this is my last and favorite step in my routine in the mornings. My skin always feels so moisturized and soft after I apply it.

I just invested in these disposable dry towels by Clean Skin Club. I don't want to continuously break out due to the fragrance from the detergent from the towels. I try to make sure I keep my pillowcases and sheets clean, not only for me but for the baby as well. I came across an article or post where it mentioned that you’re using the same towels as your body that you dried off with, that you’re basically transferring bacteria from your body to your face!

BEFORE (October 24th)

AFTER (December 13th)

I have to be honest, not only was I putting every skin care product on my face that was in my reach, but I wasn’t eating the best. Since I’ve been on my mini skincare journey I cut down on the fried foods (salad me please!), and the sugar. I haven’t been on any weekend trips to Starbucks but if I do, I’m opting for tea rather than a syrup filled coffee.

I hope that this helps someone out there who's having acne trouble or someone who’s on the road to clearer skin! Cast your comments and questions below or hit me up on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

Be sure to go and grab your very own box of Clean Skin Club disposable towels! Use the code FYIJL2021 for 20% off!

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