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How To Stay Organized for the New Year

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Every January for the past 3 years I’ve acclaimed January to be Goal Crushing month! It’s the refreshing start to get things done that you’ve been wanting to complete.

Now, I can’t be the only one out here obsessed with having the cutest office accessories like desk calendars, notepads, pens, and planners. It’s the aesthetics for me! Call me ol’skool but there’s still something magical about writing something down and not just having everything stored in my phone.


In this blog post you can check out my go-to brands and stores, where I get things I need to keep me on track for my goals all year!

Eeni Edit

This fiction character had me in a frenzy when I came across it on Instagram. Growing up I can’t remember a cartoon that I wanted to be like, but when I saw Eeni I was like “Oh I want to be like her”! The creator makes her a traveling, exceptionally well dressed, black female character. Five years later she’s still rocking strong with not just carrying calendars and stickers, plus adding phone cases, apparel, and scarves!



Kate Spade

Kate Spade is an oldie but goodie! I’ve enjoyed her journals, and pens. What I really like is how durable it is. I always check the quality for whatever planner or journal that I purchase because I always carry one or the other with me. I’m most likely looking for something that I can easily clean off with a clorox wipe, one that won’t tear, and one that I can easily close.

Manifest Your Purpose

There’s nothing like good representation! The brand Manifest Your Purpose does a great job in making sure black women are being noticed. They have the cutest mugs, to-do list tablets, journals, and stickers!



Marshall’s/ TJ Max

For the past two years my planners have come from Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. We all know they’re the same brand! While one may have more options than the other, you can count on finding a durable planner.

Page Eleven Pages

Another black owned brand on the list! You have the pleasure of checking them out on their website directly, or seeing them in Target or Michaels!

Office Depot

When I’m looking for office supplies to get the job done, Office Depot is my go-to place. When I’m shopping here it’s mostly for printer paper, printer ink, folders, and receipt pouches. It also helps to be on their reward program and receive their coupons, which they give a pretty good amount off of your total.

Shop The Post

Now that I think of it, my obsession with stationery started way back to 2nd grade! I’m talking about Lisa Frank school supplies and more! Am I telling my age? LOL

Let me know your your go-to office supply favorites in the comments or let's connect on instagram @fyijoycelynn!


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