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On The Go Mommy Style

Becoming a mom and knowing that I’m only going to have so much time to get dressed has really taught me to embrace my natural beauty. Some mornings there’s not enough time to draw on eyebrows, and I’m throwing on the first thing I know I can still fit. (baby weight plus quarantine weight, ugh!)

So, I’ve been going by this new motto “Who matches anymore?” Sometimes putting together an outfit that matches is just a little bit too much that I’m willing to do right now.

When you don’t match I feel like it adds more personality to the look. LOL. To be honest, it’s all about confidence.

On weekends, I still love to throw on a jumpsuit. Although I’m no longer pregnant I’m still a sucker for stretch, so tights and leggings are still go-to items. These Fashion Nova jeans you may have seen them on me before. I’m not really a fan of jeans but these are comfortable and I really like the distress style.

If you’re feeling extra go ahead and throw on a hat or tie a turban!

Leopard is the new black for me. I’m always throwing on a pair of leopard heels or flats.

If you’re like me and don’t like showing your arms, even in the summer, just throw on a sheer duster. It surprisingly doesn't make you hot.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m still social distancing over here! So though I’m not going “out”, this is a look that I’ll go taking the little one to the park in.

I can see where women can fall into the trap of no longer wanting to dress up because they’re tired and there’s not enough time. I try to get past those feelings because I know what getting dressed does for me. The saying when you look good, you feel good is true in my book. I'm my best self when I can get creative with my style of clothing and makeup.

Outfit Details

Hat- Zara

Jeans- Fashion Nova

Duster- BCBG

Tank Top- Forever21


Shoes- Walmart

For my moms that are trying to get back into the groves of things but don’t know where to start, I highly suggest my Back to the Basics style guide. Having the proper foundation pieces in your closet will save you time and money! Check out the link below!

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