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As a stylist, I specialize in taking basic clothing items and dressing them to their highest potential.

One of those special pieces happens to be t-shirts, graphic t-shirts to be exact. I love how something so simple can make a whole outfit pop. By adding outerwear, prints, accessories, and a bomb shoe game, you’re guaranteed to take that t-shirt to the next level.

Below are some of my personal t-shirt looks.

Instead of pairing your tee with the same old jeans, tights, or sweats, try pairing it with your favorite plaid slacks or wide leg pants!

Go old school with it by grabbing a pair of scissors to cut it! With the Rolling Stones tee I wanted to add some sexy, so I cut a deep slit in the chest area.

Fun Fact. I owned my own t-shirt line! I had some of the hottest girl bosses and celebrities rocking the original “Don’t Forget To Slay” tees! I’m really contemplating on bringing it back but it will have to have the right graphics and new slogan.

How are you dressing up your t-shirts? Let us know in the comments below or tag and hashtag us #tribeFYI on Instagram.

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