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Salt XO

Funny story, when Mack and I got engaged I used to tell people that this particular product (Salt XO Yoni Gel) is what got me the ring. LOL. I was totally kidding but some people took it and ran and they are literally still buying a bottle from me every chance they get!

Salt XO is a hand crafted skin care company that specializes in feminine care. Not only is the yoni gel top tier, but I also love their soap, body oils, and shower gels.

Yoni Gel- The yoni gel is their signature product and the benefits of it are awesome! You can count on this gel to fight against odor and dryness, balance your pH, and it's cruelty free (no testing on animals). My favorite thing about the product is the freshness feel after using it. It's the soothing botanical-based ingredients like aloe, seaweed, and cucumber combined with powerful antibacterial essential oils like tea tree (melaleuca)!

Femme Rejuv Oil- This oil is to be used in conjunction with the yoni gel. Although the yoni gel increases moisture for your vulva, the Rejuv oil takes it up a notch, or two, and is also used to reduce inflammation and swelling during and after relations.

Honey Bar & Gel- While both are my favorite, I’m going to have to vouch for the bar on this one. It’s so moisturizing and the scent is pleasant as well.

Tropical Escape Body Oil- This body oil is a constant reminder that I need to be on somebody’s beach or resort! It’s my go-to scent for the spring and summer and pairs well with fragrances like Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit and Burberry Her. The best use of this product is to apply it after a shower while still being a bit damp. The moisture and scent will last you the whole day!

Erotica Bar & Gel- Well it has the name erotica in it soo… Yea it enhances those feelings where you are ready, ready. LOL. Just like the Yoni Gel, this gel also increases lubricant and has a satisfying subtle scent.

Eczema Bar - This bar was great for my little one that was having a time with dry skin. It’s packed with nutrients like aloe, carrot oil, colloidal oatmeal which helps with restoring moisture to your skin.

The other products include face cleansers like the Vitamin C Bar and Gel, and the Ultra Balance Toner, along with body scrubs and masks. They’ve even branched out to apparel like robes and headbands. All of Salt.XO products will have you ready for any self-care day and nightly routines.

They’re motto is proper feminine hygiene shouldn’t be taboo. I love that not only will you be pleased but so will your mate! So with all that I say get familiar with the brand! I see big things happening for them and to get on the bad wagon now before they blow up even more!

Be sure to shop the link below!

Happy shopping!


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