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Spring Style Basics

Updated: Mar 27

I can give you the trends every season but those trends won’t work for you if you don’t already have the basics. The trends are for you to add to what you already have! Just think about all the times that you've purchased something just to realize that you don't have anything to go with it, or that you'll only be able to wear it once!

Don't worry, I'm here to help you put the pieces together on how to help your closet work for you, and not the other way around! Many people think that you're winning if you have a lot in your closet, but it won't matter if you can't put them together. To be honest, it's overrated to have so many clothes in your closet. That is another subject for another day, let's get into this list of spring must haves.

Striped Button Up

I love how striped button ups give me a Nautical feel. If you purchase one that's not so thick in fabric it can be great to go into the summer season with some shorts, just in time for Memorial Day. You still catch a breeze, and if you're feeling yourself you can wear it open with your swimsuit!

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Denim- Denim always comes in hot for the spring and fall seasons! This spring season you can expect it to be just as big. It's going to be so big that I'm curating "Denim Week" here on the blog! Until then, look out for denim style trends like wide leg, mom jeans, and straight leg to put on your shopping list.

T Shirts- There’s nothing like a good soft t-shirt that goes best with denim, designer belt, gold jewelry, and some designer sunnies! It’s effortless luxury at its best. So the cheat code to finding the best t-shirts are the blends of the fabrics. Of course 100% cotton is great, but cotton/polyester/rayon blends are also good choices for this resilient wardrobe staple. The blending of the natural fibers of cotton and polyester will help minimize shrinking and will be quicker to dry.

Side note: Target has some of the best blank t-shirts! Most of the time they are on sale and you can get a deal if you purchase more than one.

Flats- At this point in my life I appreciate flats, and a good pair at that! Great for traveling, light walking trips, and dealing with toddlers! I'm looking forward to adding more styles and colors.

Tailored Shorts- Dress shorts are so classic! I love how they give more of a mature look. This season I suggest going for linen fabric, so that they'll be good for summer as well. Since it's early in the season, and the cool air will still be around, go a head and grab the matching blazer or pair with your favorite cardigan.

Maxi Dress- AKA sundress. Sundress season is about to be in full affect. Can y'all believe that I wasn't a fan of sundresses. It wasn't until I had my son until I realized how convenient and comfortable they are. Now they're my go-to for a good ol Sunday spring outing!

Plus, Easter will be here before you know it! Must have colors would include white, khaki, navy and floral. The cool part about these dresses this season you can catch cut out styles on the sides and back to be trending.

Leggings- We all know that leggings are great for those days where you don't want to wear much of nothing, but you still have to still look presentable. As a busy mom of a toddler, leggings come in handy for those active days of going to birthday parties or trips to the park. You can never have too many!

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Of course you can get leggings from just about any store but just remember that the quality of the material matters. When I'm in the search for quality leggings I can always count on Shapermint! Their high waist leggings with tummy control are always a great pick for me. You can check it out for yourself at

That's a wrap on our Spring Style Basics! Remember the quality and the investments on your spring basics are to prepare for years to come. The classics like button ups, a good pair of denim, and sundresses will remain spring style royalty!

If this post has helped you let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram @fyijoycelynn.


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