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Summer Style 2021

Summer is officially here and by the looks of you guys social media, I tell you that y’all were ready to go OUTSIDE! As you’re ready to get back to some normalcy, what will you be wearing? For this blog post I’ll be sure sharing the 5 go to pieces that you’ll need for any occasion this summer season!

One shoulder / Cut-Out Tops

Whenever I wear a one shoulder top, it definitely gives me early 2000’s vibe! I really like how they make you look sexy without doing too much. You’ll definitely will be seeing these a lot this summer, so be sure to grab you one from the following retailers: Fashionnova, Zara, and Shein.


Oversized Shirt

Cool thing about oversized button ups is that you can also wear them open!

Listen! I’m a fan of any piece of clothing that covers my arms and that I’m not burning up! Looking at my photos I wish that I would have done one where it’s going off the shoulder! That’s just another way this top can be styled!

I look forward to purchasing more oversized tops in the future. I can definitely see this look transition for fall too!

Top- Target



Scarf Top Scarves aren’t just for your head and neck! This summer season we’re making them tops as well! Love how the lady below paired it with her necklace. I’m not sure what retailers are selling tops like this, but I would say try it out on your favorite oversized scarf!


Nail Art

Prior to my wedding reception, it had been at least 5 years I've worn acrylic nails! I was impressed on all what you can do with out nails now. Of course I grew up in the 90s, and in the hood, so extravagant nails are nothing new, but I took a chance in the wild side (for me lol) by getting two different nail shape (stiletto and coffin) and more than two colors!

Even press-on nails have come a long way! Nail artist are even making so therefore you put them on and take them off as you please! I don't do well with press on nails. Between my toddler and cleaning, they don't mix!

I can definitely see where having your nails done can complete a whole look, let alone had some personality. Although I have already taken mine off after wearing them for 3 months, I look forward to getting them again during the fall!

Anything Green! Note that the color of the season is Green! It’s crazy because I had already made up my mind that I was going to be purchasing more items in this color, so this trend is right on time!

Below you can check out one of my favorite YouTubers, Jennie Jenkins, summer haul and see all the dope clothes she has found for this season! As you can see, most of her pieces she purchased were green!


I've been longing for this Coach Pillow Tabby bag ever since I’ve laid eyes on it back in February, but didn't want to pay that price for it. I also didn’t know that Coach has some pretty good coupons and sales that they run continuously. Just know that this bag will be in my cart when it comes back in the Fall!

If you‘ve been eyeing this bag too, be sure to sign up for their email list so you won’t miss out on it again!


I hope that you all can incorporate these items into your look for this season! Be sure to tag me on Instagram is you do! Oh and if I missed anything let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

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