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The Accessory Map

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Happy Fashion Season! Though so much has changed this year, I think we’re still in a time to get excited. To me fashion is still exciting and is a way to escape reality. Look at all the time we have to come up with bomb outfit combinations and still shop online! Do you know how fly we’re going to be once the world “officially” opens back up? Lol

For this post I’m going to share my go-to accessories to dress up any outfit for any occasion. So right now most of you are likely to have on lounge clothes if you’re needing to go somewhere? No need to change clothes! Take these items on this accessory list to instantly upgrade your look!

Oversized sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are a must! How cool is it now that if you don’t want anyone speaking to you at the store, you can totally hide with sunglasses and a mask! Hey I am looking at the positivity with the mask now!

Designer belts

I know, I know, you probably can't take another Gucci belt! Check out Telfar, they have some amazing luxury handbags and belts, plus they're by a black designer!

Watch bands

You can’t forget your smartwatch! It’s easy to upgrade it with different bands from etsy and!

Hoop Earrings

My go-to used to be hoops and a messy bun. Remember the bigger the better! You can get then from any beauty supply store, Icing, or


I love scarves! I will wear them on my head, around my neck, or tied on my purse! I’m quick to buy one if it has a unique print!


I pretty much only wear rings when my nails are done, which means I never wear rings because my nails are never done! Lol. They look great with a fresh set though! Just throw on a fresh v-neck, some joggers, or ripped jeans, stack some gold rings, then be on your way out!


I will forever love brooches. At first they gave me old lady vibes but now I know that they can make outfits look lavish. If you have on sweats, a tank top,with some sneakers, just add a blue jean or camo jacket with a brooch to upgrade the look!

Oversize bag

The oversized bag is a travellers statement piece. How many times have you showed up to the airport looking busted or seen someone looking busted but their carry on or purse was on point! It can literally take a away from your outfit if you're not looking your best!

Wide brim fedora

I can't leave out the fedora. Heading out for a quick patio, social distance date? Try out a fedora paired with your favorite graphic tee and some distressed jeans with your favorite pair of sneakers. The cool thing is that this look will work for women and men!

What do you think about the list? Did all your go to accessory items make the list? If not let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram @fyijoycelynn! 2


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