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The Best Summer Tops for Plus-size

This list is not just for if you’re plus size! These options can also be for the ones who may not like showing their arms, want to figure out ways to minimize their waist, or figure out more ways to accentuate the neckline.

Before the summer heat makes it's way, I wanted to find more tops for the summer due to I didn't find many of them to look good on me, like for instance spaghetti string strap tanks. Cap sleeve tees made me look more broad, so that's a no! Then there are crop tees, but those just don't come off as mature to me.

The list below includes options that will make you feel sexy and confident, even without showing too much. With these options you’ll be able to easily pair them with your favorite jeans, skirts, and leggings! Let’s get into it!

Off the shoulder tops- Honestly these are my favorite tops to wear in the summer! I’m not too fond of my arms, so the way that the top sits right on my arms is perfect! I recommend getting ones that have a flow.

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One Shoulder Tops- Another one of my favorites! I'm absolutely fine with just having one out and the other arm covered! And just like the off the shoulder top, they both work well in a dress also!

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Sheer tops- Sheer tops are definitely grade A sexy but can be styled in a classy way. Try making sure that you have a well covered bra that is the same color as the top. Not that you would want to layer too much or at all for the summer but you can also put a tank top underneath.

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Tops with cut outs-

I don’t mind wearing longer sleeves in warmer weather, just as long as I can feel the wind when it blows lol. The cutouts can be on the shoulders, on the sides, or cut at the back.

Razorback tank tops- I know what you’re thinking, how are razor back tops flattering? Many of the razorback tanks are fitting and can work just as well as shapewear, or they nip in at the high waistline. The neck cut of the top works as an illusion to slim the waist, while making the bust area larger.

Blouse Like, Crop tops- I don’t mind crop tops that aren’t so confined to my body. In the summer heat I barely want clothes anyway, so why not wear a shorter top where you can feel the breeze if the wind decides to blow!

Kaftans/ Dusters- These are so stylish and so chic! When I put one on it instantly make me feel like a rich auntie! It screams " I have a savings account"! LOL. They're so versatile where you can lounge in them at home, you can can head to brunch, or to someone's poolside.

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That is the list! If you don’t have any of these items in your closet yet check out the suggested retailers in the “Shop The Post” sections.

Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn if this list was helpful to you!


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