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Top 5 Jumpsuits That You Need

When comes to special occasions I always consider wearing a jumpsuit just because they're so easy to dress up, and it's easier to just found one piece to put on rather than trying to match tops and bottoms together. A closet tip would be to have one that fits for each season of the year, or have that one that one that you can wear for all seasons and black one that you can wear anytime.

The list below are just some of my favorite styles that I already have in my closet and that I've owned for at least 2 years or more!


Denim- At this point I recommend having at least a denim item in each garment piece. The denim jumpsuit is so versatile and makes great for wearing alone or layering with a jacket.

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Bodycon- Most of the bodycon fitted jumpsuits are comfortable and make great for just lounging around or quick grocery store runs. There are many of times that I've even worked out in them!

Utility/ Cargo- When you think of utility you may think someone in a work uniform, or even jail?? Well, it makes me think of my grandpa sitting on the porch in his Dickies jumpsuit! It could be all of those but make it cute!

The zipper or buttons down the middle make it cool to show some extra skin, or a little bra action!


Fitted and flared- These type of jumpsuits are great if you're good on being more fitted on the upper body and wanting more of a loose fitting on the bottom. This particular style is my go-to for date nights and girl night outs.


Wide leg- These are my personal favorite because they balance out the bottom half of my body. The wide fit at the bottom can make it look like you're gliding when you're entering the room. Definitely a showstopper at weddings and afterwork functions.


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Make sure that you're being considerate of the neckline and lengths when you're purchasing your jumpsuit. They range from mock necks, to deep v-necks, to swoop necks, to off the shoulders. Many of them can come in extra long lengths, make sure you're good on heels, or be sure to have your tailor on standby!

If this post was helpful let me know in the comments or hit me up on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!


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