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Unconventional Valentines Day Gift Guide (For Her)

Updated: Feb 15

Hey you guys! And for this post I’m specifically speaking to the guys! I’m more than sure you that you’ve asked your lady what she wants and suddenly she has no clue! My unconventional Valentines Day gift list should be of some sort of help!

Purchase More than one bra at a time- A good bra, not just sexy, but supportive too! If you knew how hard it is to buy more than one bra at one time! Shoot, at least give her the money to buy more than one 🤷🏽‍♀️

Oil change- I’m sure the light is on!

At this point, any car maintenance!

Have you checked the tread depth on your mates tires?! Get her a set of tires, or at least 2, or get them a rotated!

An alignment- If she hasn’t gotten her oil changed, new tires, I can assure you that she’ll need an alignment too!

Phone chargers- You’ve seen her charger lately! It may look like something has been chewing on it lol. Imagine all the damage it has endured as she travels back and forth to work, or to slumber at your place! A a new charger with her gift of goodies would be great!

Batteries AA or AAA- Don’t ask me what these batteries are for?! I can’t tell you, but most likely she may need them for things around the house like her smoke detector that you keep hearing every time you call her, or the remote that never works when you come over! And get your mind out the gutter for once! Many of (those) items come with their own charger now! Lol! 😂

Pads/ Tampons - It’s hard for most men to purchases these items by themselves! Imagine how surprised and grateful she’ll be when you pop up with these and her favorite time-of-the-month menu! And yes I said menu, because we stay craving and be hungry during that time of the month! Oh, and please make sure it’s her time of the month before you purchase these! 🤦🏾‍♀️

Full tank of Gas- Women absolutely hate stoping for gas! You cant go wrong with this option!

If you’re already doing these things, well good for you! Keep up the good work, but if you’re trying to move things in another direction and wanting her to take you more seriously, then try completing something on this list!

Electric Wine Pourer and Wine Dispenser Pump Nothing says love like a bottle a wine, or two! In addition to the bottles go ahead and give her an electric wine dispenser!

You can check out more ideas and recommended items on my Amazon Storefront! Hit the link below.

Ladies am I missing something?! Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

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