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Where The Money Reside

Oh have things changed! I remember when I used to purchase clothes, shoes, or anything else I wanted with a drop of a dime! Then real life things happened like mortgage, bills, car notes, and now baby stuff! I had to take another moment and step back to figure out a plan on how I can stop dishing out so much money and make money work for me! Below are steps that I’ve taken to save me time, money, and receive free items!

The Jay-Z Rule. “If you can’t buy it 3 times, you can’t afford it.” I can’t remember what song this verse is from but it sticks to me like glue! Just imagine how many big name purchases we could have stopped and thought about it! Before you make a big purchase ask yourself the following questions below.

  • What is the return policy?

  • What else could I have spent this money on?

  • Will I be able to manage the upkeep? (If it requires it)

  • What ways I can get a return on my investment sooner?

If there is something that I’m burning to have I’ll try to wait about 3 to 7 days and if the item is still available then I’ll purchase it.

Sign up for your favorite stores' rewards programs and email lists. I know, no one likes those annoying continuous store emails but make a separate email account just for that. Reward points work! After you purchase so many items, or spend so much money, you gain points to get free stuff or store cash. Most times stores send better coupon offers to their rewards members. I don't see anything wrong with getting money for spending money!

Get paid to eat! Download your favorite restaurant app or sign up for their email list to know when you can get your favorite meal for half off or even for FREE! My favorite food app is Chick Fil-A. I can’t tell you how many free items I’ve received just because I’m a loyal customer.

Various passive income ideas include:

Affiliate marketing- Amazon, now have it to where you can set up your own storefront profile, whereas if someone shops on your suggested items, you get a percentage! If you have your own items to sell you can even become a vendor for Amazon.

I mentioned to my fiancé that since he buys so many books off Amazon and recommends them to others that he should start an online book store! Hey if he doesn’t run with the idea then I’m going to have to steal it! LOL

Write a book- You’ll be amazed on how easy it is to produce a book. Google is the master at getting this done. Most of the time the author/ entrepreneur will tag the publishing company or the person who helped them with the book on their Instagram page. Follow that person and/or reach out to them to get their rates.

Starting an online store- Nowadays it's apparent the you have more than one stream of income. Most people will start by selling some type of merchandise like t-shirts, lip gloss, or accessories like headbands and sunglasses. There are Facebook groups that share vendor information, University of Google, and research on Instagram can help get you started. With the right marketing, anything can take off and become a hit!

If you’re not interested in starting an actual store but would love to just get rid of clothes and home items, sell them on Facebook market or set up an account on Poshmark. During the beginning of the pandemic last year, I earned more money on my Poshmark than I have the previous 3 years I’ve been on there.

Creating an online course- If you share knowledge on a regular basis, why not get paid from it regularly. To set this following service up properly follow, @_thesixfigurechick (God rest her soul), @kingashley, and at @biancarobinson. All these ladies have great resources to help you get on the right track to earning income!

Rental real estate- I’ve seen the benefits of having rental property through my fiancé. Since he’s a full time entrepreneur, I’ve seen where there may be a week or two where he didn’t make any money or where he's waiting on a check and using the money from his rental property to make up for whatever he needs to pay for.

My goal is to purchase my first rental real estate this year! I'll keep you guys informed!


Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

The Money Manual by Tonya B Rapley

Outfit Details

Dress- @SWTheBrand

Coat- Old Navy

Bag- H&M

Shoes- Jessica Simpson

We’re keeping and collecting our coins all 2021! What are some saving tips that you use or plan to do this year? Let me know in the comments below of hit me up on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

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