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Winter Style Trends

We're back to help you spend more coins! That's only because it's the end of the year and you deserve it!

I'm actually excited to share these following trends! I didn't realize how fun winter clothes can really be. With all the sequins, layering, and colors, I'm literally making plans to be seen this season. LOL

Let's go ahead and get into it!

Puffer Coats & Vests- This has been my favorite trend of the season so far! Maybe because it gives a 90's New York vibe. And believe it or not, many of these coats and vest are lightweight!

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Feather trim and tops- There’s something about feathers that screams luxury. Do you know how fancy you look with feather trim pajamas or a robe? It screams rich auntie! Lol. I’ve seen some really nice options in Dillard's and Nordstrom.

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Rhinestones- We’re putting rhinestones on everything this season! Specifically on shoes and leggings for me! You can always count on Gianni Bini and Steve Madden for a good pair of bedazzled shoes! Head over to to get a pair of rhinestone leggings.

Velvet- Velvet is a winter staple! It’s a great option for holiday photos, New Year’s Eve outfit, and winter date nights.

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Knitwear - Knitwear is not just about sweaters. Don’t forget hats and socks! We have some comfortable and sexy thigh high socks available at! Grab a pair before they’re gone!

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Chunky boots- The way that this weather is set up, my Chelsea boots have been in constant rotation! I love the chunky heel because I feel like I can walk through the jungle in these boots! I could use more colors though because I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my cream ones clean.

Metallic boots- I’m sooo disappointed that I can’t find these in my big shoe size! I would wear an all black outfit just so the boots can be the main attraction! I honestly feel like I would transform into Mary J. Blige if I had them on! If you have small feet, grab these for New Years!

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Wide leg denim- Wide leg denim are my absolute favorite right now. They come off so classy with a sweater or button up tucked in, with some boots. These will be a great item to transition into the spring as well.

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As you can see in the pics above, many of the items you can pair together! They'll also have you New Year's and Valentine's Day ready!

Let me know in the comments below on on Instagram @fyijoycelynn on which one of these winter trends you'll be wearing this season.


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