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Luxury Black Brands You Should Know

Black history is celebrated all year round over here! But we couldn’t let Black History Month slip by without doing a post on some of the new, and well known, black brands and designers you should know!

Hanifa- You may have heard of Hanifa, by Anifa Mvuemba, back in 2020 when their virtual runway show with 3D models went viral! (Even had a few big name designers try to steal her idea!) I‘ve been anxious to finally add their popular ‘Miya’ knit cardigan to my closet this spring! The few past collections have been nothing but breathtaking and I’m looking forward to seeing more great things from them!

Milano Di Rouge- Milano is a urban luxury street-wear brand that I’ve been following for a few years and am excited for their growth! The unisex brand has literally went from t-shirts to phenomenal collections of denim and bomb outerwear!

Brandon Blackwood- The famous Brandon Blackwood trunk is a new classic staple! This past week he had the biggest pre-order of trunks with all kinds of colors, hardware choices, textures, and different sizes! It’s not too late to get in on the fun! Go ahead and visit the website!

House of Rehab [Fashion Made Me Do It] - What an accurate statement! I blame fashion for all my spending habits! I have literally watched this brand grow from just handbags to apparel, and it just continues to grow!

Clutch by B- While they’re known for their handbags, their eyewear has me in a chokehold! Their accessories add so much personality to one’s outfit! Looking forward to seeing more from Clutch by B!

IEMBRE - I recently found out about this brand when the photo of the owner's mom went viral when using her as a model. Can we say that she killed it!? This brand also carries elaborate handbags and luxury urban street-wear clothing. Listen, they stay sold out so be sure to sign up for their email list!

Keeyahri- I thought it was so cool to finally come across a new (black owned) shoe designer! Designer Keya Martin took fashion to the next level with The sleek and exquisite design of these shoes. They are sure to be a showstopper in any room you walk into!

Jolie X Noire - What you can expect to see from Jolie x Noire is luxury loungewear at it’s finest for men and women! I found out about Noire x Jolie this past month with their collection with Target. It was cool because it made me want to go and check out their other merch!

Style Blogger Joyce-Lynn in Jolie X Noire (graphic t-shirt) Target BHM collection

Let’s give it up for Target that has been putting the spotlight on black brands for the past couple years. Many companies like The Lip Bar, Urbanskin Rx, and Mielle Organics caught my interest from browsing around Target, and then making it known that they are black-owned companies.

I love to see Us finally filling in and taking up space! Studies show that blacks spend up to $1.4 million on goods and services yearly, why shouldn’t we be recuperating any of that?!

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- JL

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