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First Road Trip with Baby

This past weekend I took my first road trip with baby Quad! Although it was only a 2 hour trip to Dallas, it took a lot of mental preparation for me. I was on the verge of canceling it. A few times at that! I just had sooo much running through my mind like getting on the highway, how was he going to sleep at a different location, I was frustrated packing his things and mine, plus items for the photoshoot, and how was he going to get along with strangers.

What made me go ahead and go was that I and my new business partner have goals that we are trying to meet. They’re not just for ourselves but for our families as well. We’re not going to get anywhere by stalling and continuing changing dates to photoshoots and meetings.

So we’re on the road and I’m about to get the interstate. It randomly crosses my mind that I left all of Quad’s pre-made bottles in the refrigerator! Thank God for my sister! She was able to have the formula and a new bottle waiting for us. As far as the rest of the drive, it went very smooth and he slept the whole time!

Now let’s discuss one of my concerns that I had bringing Quad, which was how would he get along with strangers? Will he want to be attached at the hip the WHOLE time? Since he’s been born he’s been limited to visitors of course due to COVID-19 and just me being a first time mom and not wanting everyone's cooties to get on him. He did surprisingly awesome! He actually let people hold him and was playing with the older kids. During the photoshoot he was very quiet and observant lol. I was one proud mama.

OK, let’s fast forward to the trip home! I wish the trip home went as smooth as the trip up there! A two hour and fifteen minute drive turned into almost a four hour drive home! There were 3 stops total. The first one was my fault because I just had to have some coffee. But the other two were because of y’all nephew!

After 6 months of parenting I can finally distinguish the hungry cries from the sleepy cries. He was definitely hungry but did not want to settle for a ready-to-feed bottle. The ONE bottle I had was dirty from the feeding earlier. So I thought since he wouldn’t take the RTF that I could just put in a pacifier and he would go to sleep. Absolutely NOT! So I found a Sonic in a random town to stop and feed him some baby food that I remembered I packed in his overnight bag.

So I'm thinking we are back on a roll and that the baby food would last him until we get back to Tyler but then I start hearing him whine. I'm like what can it possibly be now!? He kept dropping his "bear, bear" and wanted me to continue to pick it up by reaching behind me and drive with one hand. No sir. After about the 5th time he dropped it and me realizing how dangerous it is for me to continuing picking up his "bear, bear", I just had to let him cry it out. Eventually he went to sleep and I was able to enjoy some new music from Snoh Aalegra on the way home.

So what I learned was to make a checklist, don’t try to pack the day of the trip, and have some patience. For more of my mom journey be sure to subscribe to my email list and follow me on Instagram @fyijoycelynn!

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