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Stay Ready

It’s 2023! Can you believe it? Where did 2022 go? 2022 was challenging but it definitely prepared me for what’s to come. From leaving my full time job of 10 years, to parenting struggles, to starting my walk with Christ, 2022 really showed me what I needed to let go and what’s really important.

This blog post I really want to encourage one’s to stay ready. Continue to do the work while you’re waiting for your BIG moment.

One thing that got me was that I’ve always come across great opportunities but there were times where I’ve lost those opportunities, and money, and contacts, due to not being prepared.


In 2017 I went to a fashion show in Houston and there were some prominent people in the industry in attendance like models and designers from Project runway, Beyonce’s then stylist Ty Hunter, Iconic hip hop designer Karl Kani, and more.

I’m not sure where I gathered the nerve to check Karl Kani’s website but I did and noticed that he had a blog section that had no posts made all year! I found that very weird since he played a major role for the wardrobe selection in the Tupac’s biopic, All Eyes On Me.

I walked up to Karl Kani, introduced myself, then went into full pitch mode letting him know what he was missing on his website. I knew I was on to something when he willingly gave me his phone number.

That next Monday I gave him a call, nervous as heck! It was the most informative 20 minutes ever. We talked about how we’re both a gemini, told me stories about Tupac (who was a gemini also lol), and how well his company was doing in Japan.

Now, where was the downfall? As we were getting off the phone he asked for my information to be sent to his assistant Danielle. I should have already had my media kit on my phone! Not only did I not update it all weekend, it took me a whole 2 more days to get it complete!

Once I sent it in along with a mock up blog post, I received one email back about making a minor change on the post. I emailed the changes back and it just went downhill from there. Once I started being passed from assistant to assistant, I knew I had missed my moment.

I also wonder did I not fight hard enough? The industry is so fast paced it is so easy to get overlooked. I did follow up, but I believe I could have been more aggressive.

This time in my life I’m putting in the work to make sure my spirit is in the right place and that the work is already done before I go shooting my shot!

You know the saying, “Stay ready, so you won’t have to get ready.” Put this quote on your vision board for the year! Plus, praying that we all don’t mismanage the moments that we’ve been praying for.



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