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Self-care Month

Self-care may be a word that you’ve heard excessively this year but let’s be honest, with everything that’s been going on in the world self-care should be mandatory!

For me selfcare looks different with a baby versus without one. Self-care now has a set time and date and a time limit because I have to check who can watch Quady Poo. It’s been vital for me to find time for me daily so I can recharge. It’s a lot being a mom, working a fulltime job and trying to manage 3 side-hustles. Let’s not forget being present in a relationship, including family, and trying to stay checking in with friends.

This past weekend I started my monthly journey by completing a Brazilian wax. Yes, you read it right, complete, make it all the way through! Lol this was my third one and I had the wax specialist from European Wax Center start from the bottom up this time! If you’ve had one then you know what I’m talking about. If not, you should try it, it’s a liberating experience!

Balance seems far-fetched these days, but I try to set some possible time schedules and to do lists since I have so much to juggle. When I have a to-do list I do not beat myself up if it doesn’t get completed. At this point in my life just completing one task is an accomplishment!

The car rides to and from work, when it’s just me hit different now. I never knew how much I needed moments to blast my favorite songs, call a friend for a quick laugh, or eat my favorite ice-cream without interruptions. These are things that I’m trying to do normally so I can stay afloat.

So stay tuned for all the posts this month for my self care routines, must have products, and my personal music playlists! Happy self-care month!

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