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FYI Every BODY Wins

So far this year I’ve been focusing on becoming the best version of myself mentally. Now I’m ready to get tapped into getting physically in shape and living a more healthy lifestyle.

This is the first time that I will attempt to lose over 20 pounds. My goal is 40 pounds and I’m giving myself the beginning of next year to reach that goal. You’re probably thinking why am I stretching it out over 6 months? I want to be realistic with my goals and give myself room for trial and error.

To help start my weight loss journey I purchased this one month supply kit from Body Complete RX. It has B-12 drops, slim drops and supplements to suppress appetite, protein powder (vanilla), and a shaker bottle. It also came with a nutrition guide that has smoothie and meal recipes, and a weekly tracker and checklist.

I’ve been following Body Complete RX for about a year on Instagram and decided to finally give them a try. It wasn’t really about celebrity status with them and who all tried it, I really took notice of their before and after photos from regular people.

I do plan on implementing a workout but nothing hard in the beginning. Maybe just some quick 15 minute daily workout to help If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me! I’m also looking forward to collaborate with train

I know I’m serious this time around because I actually purchased a scale and I took my measurements!

From now on I’m doing things with an accountability partner. You can get farther in reaching your goals by completing them with someone! We all can use and give some extra encouragement when needed.

I do know that they are sold out of these kits for the moment but be sure to follow them on Instagram @bodycompleterx and sign up for the email list for the next restock!

I can’t wait to check back in one month to give you guys an update! Wish me luck!

Photos by @djacques_photography

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