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Going into 2020 I wanted to identify with words that represent how I predict my year is going to go. Before the new year I heard this sermon by Sarah Jakes on YouTube titled Restructuring and it totally defined where I am in life and the steps I should be taking to move closer to God and my purpose.

Below are 3 key points that I took from the video

- We are having to restructure so we can manifest the identity, the reflection that God is holding up when He says this is who you are. Which means you have to make up your mind of who you are. I can’t be who I used to be and be who I am becoming at the same time.” (8:00 minute mark)

-In order for a restructure, something has to die… There are things that you lose along the way that don’t feel good. Just because that good thing is gone, that didn’t have anything to do with your growth. (12:30-15:30 minute mark)

-When you see yourself as an underdog you see your deficits (the amount by which something is too small), you're used to being counted out. The most incredible thing you can do right now is see yourself as a front runner. (18:00- 20:05 minute mark)

At this point in my life I’m definitely going through a restructuring process. I had a baby, basically starting my blog over from scratch, redirecting my vision of being a stylist, and mending relationships. For me 2020 will be about putting the pieces together.

I have all the tools, been to all kinds of brand brunches, hell I’ve put together brunches, took courses, read all the books, been in the room with some of the biggest names in the industry, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be successful in my field.

So no more fear, it’s time to believe more in myself and put my best foot forward. I would like to encourage anyone that’s going through major changes in their life to listen/ watch this sermon. It will not disappoint! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!


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